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WEDEX Quick-leveling Self-leveling Cement A30

    WEDEX A30 contains special cement, latex powder and selected aggregate, forming a self-leveling slurry after mixed with water, and hardening through hydration to a low stress, crack free hardened body.used  leveling for Plastic floor,wooden floor and so on.

Product Description:

WEDEX A30 contains special cement, latex powder and selected aggregate, forming a self-leveling slurry after mixed with water, and hardening through hydration to a low stress, crack free hardened body.



1.Underlayments for indoor  Upholstery and industrial decoration,etc.


2.Underlayment for surface decoration materials.

Installation thickness 3-10 mm.


Preparation for the bottom of the installed layer


The substrate must be dry, hard, loadable and the surface should be clean.



WEDEX H703 can be brushed on general surface and WEDEX H703 two-component surfactant is for dense and smooth surface. Please refer to the relevant instructions before using.

 Mixing Ratio:


WEDEX A30 to Water: 25KG to 6.8L


Add WEDEX A30 into a clean container with clean water and stir to a uniform slurry at the same time. The condensing time of the slurry is about 30 minutes under the temperature 18-25. When the temperature increasing or decreasing,  the condensing time will be


shortened or extended accordingly.

Using scraper to spread out the slurry for thin layer installation.

48 hours is required(be sure it is harden) after the first installation if you need a second floor installation.And a 1-time water-diluted WEDEX H703 is needed as a bottom before the second floor installation.

Large area workshop

A30 slurry can be transported by rotating pump or piston pump with 35L/min capacity. The conveying pipe must be dredged by a mixture of A30 (1 bag) and 6. 8 (L) water before transporting.Ordinary cement slurry CAN NOT be used for dredging. If the stopping time is longer than 30 minutes, the pump and pipe should be kept clean.




1. The installation temperature shall not be lower than 5 .

2.The installation thickness on the dense surface shall not be less than 3 mm.

3.The surface should be covered to prevent drying after installation, in the case of high temperature and dry. 


 Technical Data




Packing        25kg/bag


 Consumption    25kg/3/5mm


Shelf Life     6 months

 Wet Slurry


Volume Weight    1.2kg/L


Volume Weight of Fresh slurry 1.9kg/L


Consumption    25kg/3/5mm


Installation Time+20℃30 minutes


Timing for Stepping+20℃: about 2 hours


Surfacing Material


Physical Property


Compression Strength


1 day later  8MPa


7 days later  18MPa

28 days later  25MPa

Rupture Strength


1 day later   3MPa

7 days later  4MPa

28 days later  6MPa


 Security Matters


1.Contains cement, causes alkaline reaction, skin and eyes must be protected. If contacts happen, rinse thoroughly with water.Please consult a doctor immediately, if eye-contact happens.


Harmless to human body and environment after hardening .

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