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WEDEX High Strength Abrasion Resistant Self-leveling Cement A40

    WEDEX A40 is a sort of drip-dry self-leveling cement mortar, people can walk on it in 3-4 hours, and about 24 hours later support construction to be continued.
    Dark grey color, constituted by special cement, redispersible powder
    selected aggregate and other special additive.

Introduction of product

  WEDEX A40 is a sort of drip-dry self-leveling cement mortar, people can walk on it in 3-4 hours, and about 24 hours later support construction to be continued.

Dark grey color, constituted by special cement, redispersible powder, selected aggregate and other special additive.

 Suitable situation

Indoors, dry and hard cement-based floor Used as cushion, after leveling the floor can be convenient for construction Used as surface, in warehouse, workshop, commercial area, civil garage, parking area and other wear-resisting floor.

 Preparation for based floor

Based floor must be well conserved, stable, no solution adhere on like dust, putty, binding material, dope. Concrete based floor should be at least conserved over 4 weeks, hardness over C25.

Mechanical treatment must be accord with suggestion, such as using emery paper polishing, drilling tools polishing, reducing, to reduce the loose ground of surface, and to make the based floor cleaner, more stable, tough. Better not to use potash to wash the surface. Do not use solvent or detergent to cope with the surface.

To repair little drawback on surface, such as small crack or hole, suggest to use WEDEX S70+ cement in 1:2 to supply, all the expansion joint should be dealt with in proper way. After suitable dealing, should extract the dust and be dealt with relevant adhesion agent. As for damp-proof based disposal, should pay more attention to the damp-proof ability of adhesion agent.

Consult for more, please feel free to contact with WEDEX professional technique service.      

Bottom coating:

General / standard concrete base or WEDEX self leveling base

Use WEDEX S60 dilution with water1:2, and use bristle brush to do it. Wait for complete dry and form a layer of transparent thin layer, then do the self-leveling construction (the fastest 1 hours and most slowly 24 hours)

Very large water absorption of the grassroots

Need to do 2 times S60 interface agent. The first time dilute it with 1:2 of water, and the second times directly painting. Every time the application is to be done after it is dry.

High strength / dense / non void base

The use of non solvent type coating WEDEX S70 with 2:1 sand stirring into paste state after rolling brush, then wait for it drying (about 24 hours). After drying, clean up the excess sand with a stiff brush, and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the residual dust and loose sand.

 Do not apply to the application of self-leveling before the end of the full maintenance or dry.

Before use, please read the relevant data and instructions.

 Mixing ratio:

Every 25kg WEDEX A40 need adding with 6L water.


When mixed with water, WEDEX's self-leveling products will quickly and react to the water hardening. Therefore, the use of WEDEX recommended mixing head in the shortest period of time to give the most adequate self-leveling.

Note the order: pour the powder into the water.

 General for the 25kg of the powder mixing time for 3 to 5minutes, stop 2 to 3 minutes, and then stir the 1 minutes. It need to be equipped with a professional mixer.


WEDEX A40 is able to construct in the temperature range of 5 to 35 C (primary and 

atmospherictemperature). A400 WEDEX working time under 20 degree is about 10-15 minutes. The higher is the temperature, and the shorter is the working time.

Reasonable arrangement of work process help the self leveling mortar work time to complete self leveling, stirring and the whole process of dumping trowel.  

Make reasonable arrangement of work flows and complete self-leveling mixing, pouring and adjusting within the working time of self-leveling mortar. 

Pour WEDEX A40 on the prepared base course and then spread it out with proper tool. Control the self-leveling thickness with a controlling carriage and the surface smoothness with a flat trowel. Foam rollers can be helpful for the final leveling of the material to a certain extent, but it is not a must for every time. If the foam roller is used, then it must be done within the working hours of self-leveling operation and cannot be operated for more than twice.

Spiked shoes must be worn to avoid marks left on self-leveling.

For a large construction area, WEDEX A40 can be constructed by pumping machines of spiral or piston type, with a flow of about 30-40L per minute. Machines should be timely washed if will not be used in 15 minutes.

Avoid wind, sunlight or pollution within 24 hours after the completion of floor 

onstruction and if the environment condition is relatively complex, a test of a small area should be done first.

Construction thickness

General condition

Construction thickness of a single layer of WEDEX A40 is 3-10mm. Whether it is used for industrial floor, sealing agent or floor painting, the maximum construction thickness is 3mm.

 Curing and drying time

Time for walking

It is ready for walking about 3-4 hours later under 20 degrees centigrade. 200C

Application of covering agent and coating layer

When A40 is done and there are requirements of abrasion resistance and dirt resistance, there can be a proper protection layer constructed. Covering agent WEDEX C81 can be used for coating of abrasion and dirt resistance layers of light-loaded and medium-loaded areas. For heavy-loaded area, covering agent WEDEX C81-1 can be used and generally speaking, water-based covering agent or common coating can be constructed 24 hours later and solvent-free inorganic covering system need to be constructed about 48 hours later.

 For covering and protection system of special floor, please make selections according to suggestions of manufacturers or with a reference to product descriptions.

 Full curing

WEDEX A40 can carry the pressure of mild to moderate traffic about 16 hours alter. WEDEX A40

 Please make a curing of 3 days under 20 degrees centigrade before the full weight-bearing.

 Note: the curing and drying time will be shortened with the increase of temperature and prolonged with the decrease of temperature.

Covering area

When construction thickness is 5mm, a package of 25kg can cover an area of 3m2.


Clean tools immediately after usage and wash hands with soap water. If self-leveling on tools has been dried, use mechanical methods to handle it.

 Storage period

It is generally 6 months for unopened packages in dry and cool environment.

Technical parameter


Package                25kg

Covering area         3m2@5mm

Guarantee period          6months

 According to strict WEDEX quality standards  Powder

Mixing proportion: 25kg powder into 5.8L water

Dry powder density: about 1.3 kg/L

PH value of wet pulp: about 12

Flowing time (200C): about 10-15 minutes

Time for walk (200C): about 3-4 hours

Construction thickness (single layer): 3-10mm

Industrial application: >5mm

 Mortar curing

Waiting time for subsequent covering/coating: about 24 hours for most raw materials

About 48 hours for third materials of heavy moisture

Chair roller resistance     Yes

Suitable for geothermal system or not          Yes

Suitable for humid area or not     No

Freezing-thawing cycle stability     No

According to Chinese standards JC/T9852005 


Initial liquidity: about 135mm

Liquidity after 20 minutes: about 145mm

Compressive strength

1 day later: about 16MPa

7 days later: about 30MPa

28 days later: about 38MPa

Bending strength

1 day later: about 6.1MPa

7 days later: about 8MPa

28 days later: about 10MPa

Bond strength: about 2MPa

Dimensional change rate: 0.09%

Abrasion resistance: 0.35

Impact resistance: no cracking or separating from bottom slabs

Health and safety

WEDEX A40 contains sulfur aluminum cement and sand and reactive alkaline substance, whose dust should be avoided from breathing and which should be kept from direct contact with skin and eyes. Protective equipment like anti-dust masks, gloves and safety glasses etc. should be properly worn during construction. If excessive dust is breathed in, please transfer to places of clean air and good ventilation and wash mouth with clean water and if there are still discomforts, go to hospital as soon as possible.

This product is harmless to human body and environment after hydration and drying.

Please ask for material safety data sheet for more information

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