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Colorful Decorative Textured Mortar W20

    WEDEX W20 is a kind of gray dry mortar, mainly consists of imported special cement, common portland cement and quartz sand, complementary with selected redispersible latex powder synthetic polymers and other materials. After mixed with water and stirred, it can be easily troweled to the whole metope. It is a kind of high-grade, exquisite, colorful variety of wall surface decoration materials after adding pigment and other aggregates with special technology.

Product Description:

WEDEX W20 is a kind of gray dry mortar, mainly consists of imported special cement, common portland cement and quartz sand, complementary with selected redispersible latex powder synthetic polymers and other materials. After mixed with water and stirred, it can be easily troweled to the whole metope. It is a kind of high-grade, exquisite, colorful variety of wall surface decoration materials after adding pigment and other aggregates with special technology.


For decorating interior elevation.

With unique, delicate, modern and creative visual effects, WEDEX W20 COLORFUL DECORATIVE TEXTURED MORTAR can be used to decorate the facade of shops, hotels, cafes, lobbies, offices, homes and exhibition halls.

Preparation for the bottom of the installed layer:

Suitable for base course including concrete, cement plaster wall, gypsum plaster leveling layer or gypsum board, lightweight foamed masonry block, cement fiber board, old ceramic tile, stone surface, water-borne emulsion surface, etc.

 The base must be dry,solid,fixed and clean properly,if ther is loose weak surface or pollutant on the surface,it should be cleaned.when used in old ceramic tile stone material or lacquer face,Wedex H703 surfactant is required priority to make the order to increase the adhesion ability with the bottom layer and avoid color  difference in the qupsum board,the light weight masonry surface should be coated with WEDEX H370 organic silicon substrate coating agent.which  is diluted with water at 1:1 ratio during coating.

Adding water 7-7.5L per 25 kg W20, fully mixing, stirring time 5 minutes min and then standing for 1 minute. Batch installation can not be done until it is under uniform paste shape. Supply delay time is about 30 minutes under 20℃. This time will be shortened as the temperature rises. The remaining material must discard after this time.

The minimum batch thickness for W20 is 1 to 2mm. W1 can be used for wall holes. The installation temperature should be above 5℃.

Color Adding:

When color adjustment is carried out, the color slurry is added to the mixing water according to the design proportion and then mixed with W1 powder. In the site, the mixing water should be adjusted in one time to avoid color difference caused by color matching one by one.
Colors can be selected from W20 Color Card for reference, but there will be some differences according to the installation thickness, base difference and indoor temperature and humidity, etc., which shall be confirmed by sampling before batch  installation.

The color measurement should be accurate to the gram, and the amount of color material should be measured accurately.

Method 1: evenly float W20 with steel plate trowel on the surface of application. After about 45 minutes to 60 minutes, slightly moisten the surface with sponge and then repair to smooth surface with plastic trowel. Let the wall fully dry for about 24 hours, then use eccentric polishing machine to polish and polish with 120 fine sand cloth and finally seal the surface with WEDEX H370.

Method 2: Use general scraper to scratch out all kinds of patterns, dry and solid after grinding and then use sealant, multi-layer color combination is available.

When the surface is soaked and sealed, the sealing agent should be wiped with cotton cloth 

or sponge. Apply the cloth from bottom to top.

Technical Data

Mixing Ratio: 25kg dry powder to 7-7.5L water

Dry Powder Density: about 1.1kg/L

Mixed Slurry: about 1.5kg/L

Consumption: 5kg//3mm

Installation Time: about 40 minutes

Compression Strength      1day about 4.5MPA

                        7days about 8.0MPA

                         28days about 13.0MPA

Rupture Strength        1day about 1.5MPA

                      7 days about 3.0MPA                                 

28 days about 5.0MPA

pH:         about11

Packing   25kg/bag

Shelf Life: Generally 6 months with package sealed in dry and cool place


Color selection confirmation shall be done by a certain area of the site. It is not recommended to apply to long-term moist areas or direct contact with water such as bathroom or kitchen walls.

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