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Wedex Colorful Self-leveling Cement A60

    Dry powder mortar is a kind of polymer powder consisting of special cement, emulsion powder, selected aggregates and special additives and will become a special kind of self-leveling paste after mixed with water, which can be easily spread out by scrapers and  pumped mechanically for construction. Construction of it should be completed within 10-15 minutes after mixing and men can walk on it about 3 hours after spreading out. Since A60 is mainly used for surface material, in order to avoid shrinkage cracks after drying, it can be slotted according to national standards of cement floor and covering agents can be used later to strengthen abrasion resistance and dirt resistance.

Product description

Dry powder mortar is a kind of polymer powder consisting of special cement, emulsion powder, selected aggregates and special additives and will become a special kind of self-leveling paste after mixed with water, which can be easily spread out by scrapers and  pumped mechanically for construction. Construction of it should be completed within 10-15 minutes after mixing and men can walk on it about 3 hours after spreading out. Since A60 is mainly used for surface material, in order to avoid shrinkage cracks after drying, it can be slotted according to national standards of cement floor and covering agents can be used later to strengthen abrasion resistance and dirt resistance. 

Application range

Only for indoor use WEDEX A60 color self-leveling mortar can provide refined, modern, tidy visual effects and abrasion resistance floor, which can be used for hotels, coffee houses, lobbies, offices, private residences, product exhibition halls, museums and so on 

Base course preparations

If the base course is a concrete or cement mortar leveling one (minimum C20 grade), then it must be dry, solid and clean. And if there is any laitance or contaminants on the surface, clean them by sand blasting or polishing.

In order to strengthen adhesion ability to the bottom and to avoid air holes, special interface agent of Wedex S60 should be coated for bottom of base course twice. For the first coating, water dilution of 1:1 should be adopted. And use S60 for the second priming after the first coating getting dried (about 1-2 hours, depending on density degree of the base course). Bristle brushes or rollers of medium hair are suggested for the priming so that all construction surfaces can be evenly covered.

If there is any possibility of moisture rise for the bottom of base course, waterproof film coating WEDEX P100 JS is suggested for the priming. Please refer to the technical documents for relevant information. 

A60 is not suggested for long-term humid areas like toilets or basements. If in doubt, please conduct sample trying of a small area or ask WEDEX for technical support. 


Add 5.8L water into every 25kg A60 for mechanical mixing. If pigments are needed, the amount of concentrated pigment should be not more than 1% of  the powder and it should be added into water in advance for full mixing, with the mixing time being at least 3 minutes until the mixture is uniform fluid slurry, then, add it into the powder. There should be a waiting time of about 20 minutes for the mixed mortar in barrels under 20 degrees centigrade and this waiting time will be shortened with the increase of temperature

For mechanical pumping, please select machines of screw reciprocating conveying type, with the conveying speed of about 20-40L per minute being preferred. Use mixed mortar also for tube moisture and if there is a stop of 

more than 30 minutes, the machine must be stopped and cleaned. 

For A60 construction, the minimum thickness is 5mm and the maximum 10mm for each time. 

If construction thickness is more than 10mm, WEDEX A30 self-leveling can be used for priming, but the total thickness of WEDEX A30 and WEDEX A60 should be controlled within 20mm. During WEDEX A60 construction, special large scrapers for self-leveling should be used and for PWEDEX A60 construction, the temperature of base course should be more than 5 degrees centigrade. 

Design: please contact WEDEX for information about WEDEX terrazzo floor and creative floors. 

Surface covering agent

WEDEX creative floor should finally be coated with WEDEX C81 or other epoxy resin for protection while WEDEX floor should be protected by special C81. Surface covering should be conducted 24 hours after A60 construction and this curing time must be prolonged under low temperature. 

Technical parameters


Package 25kg

Covering area3m2/5mm/25KG

Guarantee period6months 

According to strict WEDEX quality standards


Mixing proportion: 25kg powder into 5.8L water

Dry powder density: about 1.3 kg/L

PH value of wet pulp: about 12

Flowing time (200C): about 10-15 minutes

Time for walk (200C): about 3-4 hours

Construction thickness (single layer): 3-10mm 

Mortar curing

Waiting time for subsequent covering/coating: about 24 hours for most raw materials

About 48 hours for third materials of heavy moisture

Chair roller resistance     Yes

Suitable for geothermal system or not          Yes

Suitable for humid area or not    


Freezing-thawing cycle stability  


According to Chinese standards JC/T9852005


Initial liquidity: about 145mm

Liquidity after 20 minutes: about 145mm 

Compressive strength

1 day later: about 15MPa

7 days later: about 32MPa

28 days later: about 40MPa

Bending strength

1 day later: about 6MPa

7 days later: about 8MPa

28 days later: about 10MPa

Bond strength: about 2MPa

Dimensional change rate: 0.09%

Abrasion resistance: 0.35

Impact resistance: no cracking or separating from bottom slabs


WEDEX A60 should not be used for outdoor or long-term humid areas. This product contains cement, which is of high alkalinity and should be kept from direct contact with skin.     Protective equipment like safety glasses and rubber gloves etc.  should be properly worn during operation. If the skin is contacted by cement, clean it with water and if cement is splashed into eyes accidentally, clean it with plenty of water and go to hospital as soon as possible. 

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